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Published and Accepted Journal Articles:

Family Disadvantage, Gender and the Returns to  Genetic Human Capital. (2022) [pdf] - (first author) with Esben Agerbo, Dorthe Bleses, Preben Bo Mortensen, Anders Børglum, David M. Hougaarde, Ole Morse, Merete Nordentofte, Thomas Wergee and Michael Rosholm.

           - Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

Intergenerational Effects of Early-Life Advantage: Lessons from a Primate Study. [pdf] - with Amanda M. Dettmer, James J. Heckman, Juan Pantano and Stephen J. Suomi.

         -  Journal of Political Economy.

The Nurture of Nature and the Nature of Nurture:  How Genes and Investments Interact in the Formation of Skills. [pdf] - with Mikkel Aagaard Houmark and Michael Rosholm.

         -  American Economic Review

Working Papers:

Genes and Academic Achievement in Primary School. [pdf] - with Mikkel Aagaard Houmark (first author), Esben Agerbo, Preben Bo Mortensen and Michael Rosholm.

         - Revision Requested at the Economic Journal

The Economic Value of Breaking Bad: Misbehavior, Schooling and the Labor Market. [pdf] -  with Nicholas Papageorge and Yu Zheng. 

The Lasting Effects of Early Childhood Education on Promoting the Skills and Social Mobility of Disadvantaged African Americans. [pdf] - with Jorge L. Garcia, and James J. Heckman.

         -  Journal of Political Economy.

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